Recoll Bentonite Cat Litter It is made of bentonite sand and does not contain any harmful substances that can harm your cat's health. It is agglomerated instantaneously and therefore absorbs the liquid in a very short time. It has an ideal flocculation property; creates quick and tight lumps.


The molecular structure of the natural minerals used in its raw materials has very high liquid absorption power. In this way, water and odor absorption capacity is quite high. Provides a healthy and hygienic toilet environment for your cat by providing excellent dryness even for long periods of use.


Due to the natural minerals contained in RECOLL® cat sand, an anti-stress environment is provided for your cat. Even if swallowed by your cat, it does not harm its metabolism.


Bentonite is removed from the mine without any chemical treatment is made available in its natural state. In this way, home friendly and harmless to human health. RECOLL® cat sand is a product that you can use safely for both you and your cat.